The Best Hill Climb Racing Tips, Tricks And Techniques

The point of Hill Climb Racing is to drive as much as possible while keeping the car from turning and killing the driver. The challenge and addiction of the game is trying to drive as much as possible while trying not to be overwhelmed by physics. There are different cars you can try with all different handling. Alternatively, you can upgrade your car by paying for the coins you collect during each game, or if you have enough money you can buy a new car. The setting of the game is probably the simplest cartoon style. Different world levels may vary. There is a snow road, moonscape, mountain.


Killer FM: Hill Climb Racing Game Review is a game from the creators of the Killer FM series, FruityLoops, and the theme song from the killer tune “Killer FM” by the London Community Gospel Choir. It’s been developed by nKidrobot, which is a group of developers that has gained much recognition for their D-PAN concept cars. NK-DK has taken their popular music to the racing game. The game also includes all the best players features from the Killer FM series, such as the lovable African hedgehog. In the review, I’ll be reviewing the paid version of the game, but the other free versions of the game will be reviewed as well, they are mostly just visually similar.

The Controls

The controls are extremely easy to use. First of all, your steering wheel controls your driving. So if you’re close to the barrier or don’t want to go into the barrier you can press the A button and move your steering wheel forward or back. Just like in real racing, there are always several different parts of the track. If you go to the first section and don’t get that far because the barrier is in the way, simply jump over the wall in time or after you pass the barrier. There are also barricades, but the game gives you little time to react when you run into one. Since these barriers are not always moving, the barrier doesn’t effect the car, but sometimes it means you have to let go of the wheel.

The Points System

Cars are converted into a level which has some flat but mostly is inclined. Points are the different currencies. The bigger the points you have, the more points you can get for driving and running off the road. If you drive off the road you lose points and it takes longer to recover. For example if you are running around a bank on a hill, you will probably try to hold the car until the bottom where you will drive off the bank and lose the points. You can still score points by going uphill though. The target is to stay under 200 points to keep it. If you exceed it, your performance is rated by percentage. Sometimes you can increase your target percentage by paying to get new tricks, new parts for your car, etc.

Tips and Tricks

The most important rules are to keep your car away from the rocks and don’t step on it. Failing to follow these two rules will make your time wasted. Don’t put the car on full throttle because you will smash into the ground and you can be thrown out of the car, which could be quite dangerous and cause serious injury. If you want to boost your speed or gain height, you can fly. The bigger the bird, the better it is for boosting. The faster you move, the higher you fly, however, this can be expensive and unnecessary. Sometimes you can wreck your car by hitting a hill. So make sure that you accelerate away from the hill, and reduce the amount of power that you will apply on it.

How to Upgrade your Car

You can upgrade your car by buying coins. You can change the statistics of your car by putting the new car parts in it. The amount of health you have will change how much health your car will have while it is racing. If you have more than 1 car and want to change the car that is already on your map, you can buy a new car using cash. To put new car parts in it, just equip the car. There are 3 different slots you can put the car parts into. You will always start the game in your first car slot, however you can always swap the car using a player slot. Vehicles are earned through playing the game and each player has an individual rank. There are both players ranked 1st and 2nd ranked who can have up to 3 different cars, and other players can have more than 3 cars.

Cost of the game

The Game is free. Stunt Rally is usually bought on the official site in $0.99 with DRM-free. Since the game is pretty much a simulation, the difficulty may differ between your computer and the game. On the other hand, the game says that you should be able to play the game on most modern computer, however, it is worth trying out all of the settings to get the best possible driving experience. Getting used to the settings is also important, if you aren’t too careful and loose your grip on the steering the game may render your car inoperable or crash. Gameplay When you first play Hill Climb Racing you’ll probably feel lost and confused.


Audio There’s no video but what there is, is a stunning soundtrack. Each track has different styles like techno, modern music, and more. Conclusion Good game for Arcade racing fans and aficionados of simulator racing games. 4.5 Get Crazy 4 Racing Game For PC. This PC game is based on its PC version which is highly appreciated. The graphics are simple, but have a lot of detail and uniqueness. Simple graphics may have its disadvantages, such as being repetitive in their aesthetic. However, this game has a lot of variety in the type of cars it offers, as well as the ways in which you can drive them. The game has a lot of features as well, such as the ability to customize your car, the ability to earn extra coins, and the ability to unlock a lot of extra content.


The game offers no personal missions, the goal is to win. With no point system, you can’t be a world champion in this game, you just have to enjoy it. The map is easy to understand and one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The best car in the game can be used only for a few times before they disappear from the car park (and only if you have already paid). So the key is to play the game before you lose your good cars. Auto Drag Race Auto drag racing is the newest track that was added this year. Here the drag racing starts after the cars do a fast lap of the mountain. You can drive on the slope and accelerate to the red zone. The red zone will move from the left to the right as you drive on the slope, so you need to choose a hill when you want to drive fast, and be fast.


I would say that it is possible to finish the game within an hour and still have fun. However, the challenge of the game is beating an impossible record. That means driving fast and not crashing. The random and temporary drift is a big part of the game. A casual gamer will probably complete this game by the end of an evening. However, the hardcore gamers can spend hours trying to set the highest level. So what are you waiting for?

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