Temple Run 2: Tips and Tricks on How to Keep Running Forever

Acquiring these new powers and running all over this great island as you can not only get rid of all the graphics bugs but also to make the game more addictive. Enjoy playing Temple Run 2. Get rid of those graphics bugs, please. And do not forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and also subscribe to our Youtube channel.


Man versus Monkey Collect coins and medals Max speed of 4.5 km/h Racing with maximum of 4 (4) players Race different challenges Control your character in different running styles Download it now for free on iOS devices from the App Store. Download Temple Run 2 on Android devices from the Google Play Store.

Section 3. The Controls

In order to do all the tricky and long trips, it is really important to have a great control on your phone. We suggest the use of the device’s “iOS controller”. Temple Run 2 doesn’t require a lot of buttons: just the three plus a circle.

The Points System

We don’t want you to be invisible on this island, and we will only give you half the score you need to be out of the dungeon. Don’t worry, we will give you more points if you help others escape or defeat the Guardian. ★ SPEED RUN MODE: Run as fast as you can through the jungle ★ BUG DETECTION MODE: Detect insects, worms and mushrooms on the way to the exit, and use them to evolve Guy Dangerous ★ SUPER BUG DETECTION MODE: Run with extreme paranoia against the abominable, and use all your experience to safely reach the exit ★ POWER TRIP MODE: Explore the Forest of Fear, with the help of butterfly poo, acid, fire, lightning and dark spots.

Tricks to keep running forever

★ Zoom ★ Slide ★ Twirl ★ Make your own path ★ Search for items ★ Use a combo ★ Collect coins ★ Score higher The game supports multiple devices: Android iOS iPhone Mac OS X BOARDING: Prerequisites: A maximum of 128 MB of free space for the ROM. An internet connection. Compatible devices: Android iPhone iPad Some popular downloadable ROMs: Downloading from the link below is not recommended. ROM Download link ROM Managers: ROM Managers: Installation: 1. Extract the extracted zip file and copy it to the C:\TEMP directory, or any other similar directory. 2. Copy the entire .tga file into the CMFSB folder (the CMFSB is a folder where you can find ROM files). You can do this by opening the extracted folder and drag and dropping the .tga file.

Tips to avoid being caught by the monkey

★ Cross the glacier, don’t fly Tips to avoid being caught by the dragon ★ Don’t fly, make the fastest possible time ★ Stay near the water ★ Stay near the ocean, it’s safer ★ You can travel through caves. ★ The lava is more dangerous than a fire ★ Get to the right before landing on spikes ★ Don’t cross a creek to the bridge ★ Always find the shortest way to get there ★ Don’t use the small path ★ If you must cross a creek, use the left one ★ The small path is better to take than the swamp ★ The longest way to get to the bridge is through the water Tips to avoid the lightning ★ Don’t go close to a cliff ★ Avoid the water ★ Jump high above a small area of land ★ Don’t fall into the water Tips to avoid being hit by the spike trap ★ Jump higher.

The powerful characters in Temple Run 2

★ The evil Demon monkey ★ Mira and Gillian ★ Sexy lady ★ The bad guys ★ The good guys ★ Receive bonus for dropping coins in each level ★ Master the shortcuts Modes D.I.Y. Temple Run: Survival D.I.Y. Temple Run: Survival “D.I.Y.” stands for “Do It Yourself.” There is no need to use the original game if you’re not interested in spending a lot of time on the phone. It is especially helpful for all the second-hand players, who only want to practice their skills, without having to buy the original game. Basic UI: Basic User Interface: Choices & Action Menu Choices & Action Menu Tips & Tricks Bonus Rewards Bonus Rewards: Get extra coins by tapping the coins sign. Get extra coins by tapping the coins sign.

What’s new in Temple Run 2

★ All new screens Chase around big monkey Become a follower of Dracula to get wings, and fly as the vampire Get a new powerup with your cell phone Get a new powerup with your cell phone to fly as Dracula Ability to make it without a screen Ability to make it without a screen You can be put in water and kept running You can be put in water and kept running New items and new upgrades New visual effects New video trailer © 2016 Ketchapp. All Rights Reserved. Temple Run 2 is a trademark of Ketchapp. Please download it for your personal and legal use only.


Temple Run 2 is a wonderful strategy game. It’s unique. You can play it on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Free and awesome, there are some technical issues, especially in the iTunes store. But even with a few glitches, the game is a fantastic game to be enjoyed. Temple Run 2 is, at the same time, a simple, yet interesting game. A fantastic combination of exciting gameplay, fun and absolutely addicting. The idea of the game is simple, but the execution is complex. And brilliant. In a very short period of time, Temple Run 2 became one of the most popular iOS games.

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