Subway Surfers Tips & Tricks: How To Beat Every Challenge

Temple Run was once the master of the infinite type of runner, with its robust gameplay and simple controls that you were always aiming to get high scores. It’s been a long time since those days, and Temple Run still exists, and it’s fun to play, but there are so many unlimited running games that some really good ones get lost in the mix.

Gameplay for Subway Surfers is nothing new, simply guide your character by swiping to avoid obstacles and collect coins and power. Developers have added other tricks as well, such as the power of the hover board hover board and mobile platforms that add another challenge and strategy to your run. For the most part, the average regular runner with a good balance of fun and challenge that I would recommend to anyone.


The premise of the game is pretty simple. You’re trying to stay as cool as possible, by timing your power up while avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, and hopping into holes. The graphics are not super attractive, but are fun and colorful. In most levels you’re trying to catch a bus, which is a wide, flat and rectangular shape. In some levels the goal is to ride the bus at as high of a speed as you can.

In most levels you’re trying to catch a bus, which is a wide, flat and rectangular shape. In some levels the goal is to ride the bus at as high of a speed as you can. There is no weight bar to balance, but you do have to time your coins to be as close as possible to the right, even if you will have to land on a moving platform.


Now that you’ve seen how to get started, let’s look at some of the most common controls and techniques to get you through a challenge.

Swipe Up and Down for Direction

There is a tendency for some players to get frustrated because they hit every obstacle. The first is to let go of the screen when you’re about to hit an obstacle, then swipe back in to where you were before. There is some slight overlap, but you don’t have to jump to the next screen.

Another technique that I use when I’m not having an infinite run is to take a moment and figure out how to get to the next screen by swiping the up and down arrows.

Unlocking Characters

Where I started learning how to play this game was by unlocking the characters and their abilities. You’ll notice that you’ll only be able to play as one of four characters the first day you begin playing, but you can unlock more by a monthly subscription. The upgrade system makes it fairly simple, you just earn a certain amount of coins based on the difficulty you play. This way, you can always play this game. But, I only managed to unlock a few characters by the end of the day.

You’ll need to pay for each monthly subscription for each character you want to unlock, the amount of coins you’ll need will depend on the upgrade and amount of in-app purchases. If you’re thinking of trying this game, you’ll need to pay the $0.


Explosion and Nitro Juice are the key components to your survival on the streets of New Donk City. You’ll be using these every time you come across a power-up, or after you have recovered your lost health. The map is dense, so always be on the lookout. You need to carry around a limited supply of these items. The more you use the more stamina you need, so don’t get greedy. Remember that there is a timer. When the timer runs out, you get 1/3 of your life. So, you will have to make a run soon after to make sure you have enough stamina to make it.

Sometimes you will need a bathroom break, and that’s where the hidden items come into play. In the secret areas, there is a spinner that spins and the game tells you if you need to use the bathroom.

Obstacles & Challenges

The main thrust of any Temple Run game is to avoid obstacles and collect coins, but for Subway Surfers, you’ll need to use different skills to stay ahead of the pack, and dodge obstacles. The coins will also make the game more interesting, especially when they roll away in certain spots, it’s as if they’re challenging you to find them and get them back. The control changes between the iPhone and the TouchSense controllers that you’ll need to acquire on your tablet to make the game fun and challenging. You’ll find yourself watching YouTube videos to help you get the hang of the controls and the control of the game in general.

Helping and Screens

After you get familiar with the controls and get a good run going, you’ll need to get better and faster if you want to gain a high score.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of the game

Download Subway Surfers for Android or iOS


Try and get into a good habit of running by playing this game, as you will start to train your muscles to run. When you are playing you will be in first person view of your character, but you are actually in your hand, using your thumb to move around. This will help you to build up the muscles and become comfortable with moving around.

Make sure you build up your muscle strength, as you will eventually get to the game where the platforms appear, which will give you a challenge to learn how to use them.

Add items

Instead of powering up when you run over coins, try picking up all of the coins that you pass on the way. This will help you to go fast, but it will also add up to more coins on your way.

Power Usages

There are four power-ups to collect throughout the game, two of which you have to collect three before you can upgrade the hover board to hover board-jumping. These power-ups give the player power and speed boosts, so make sure you try to collect these early to gain some extra speed for you journey.

Run Like A Chicken

You will also come across chickens on your path, and you must collect these for a faster speed boost. Hitting chickens will also make the player spin around in circles to slow down, so your timing is key.

Another power-up is Get Up, which allows you to hit the ground to gain more speed and better jump height. Get Up will allow you to move through more difficult terrain and obstacles, and it’s also very helpful for landing on platforms without losing time.

The hurdles

The most frequent obstacle you will face in Temple Run is the hurdle. They come in various colors and you have to get over them as soon as possible. Not sure how to get over them? Here’s a step by step guide to getting them over quickly, that you won’t believe but can actually be taught.

Press the shoulder button to jump over the obstacle (blue area). You need to aim to jump over the obstacle as quickly as possible without making it too quick that you lose your momentum. Here’s an example: Run, and go towards the left side, go over the obstacle on the left. If you press the shoulder button and you haven’t made it over it yet, your character will turn left and take you away from the obstacle (green area). If you do it quick enough, you can get over it this way.

The gates

Now when you enter the gates you’ll need to dodge the flying slabs of death. If you get hit or hit the gate again before your turn you’ll end up knocked off the level. These are the same types of enemies that appear throughout the world of Subway Surfers.

The magnet

Magnetic blocks are also a new addition to the game, which will cause your player to be moved when they get close to the blocks. Some of the levels have more magnets than others, so if you have a good strong run you’ll need to master this technique.

The sentry

Even when you’ve got a good run going, some of the missions will have a sentry that will hit the player, and they will fall off the screen. Luckily this happens at the end of the level, so you can always end your run after the sentry hit.


A nice place to start, just because it’s fun to play.

one good reason is there’s a lot to do. even if you are on level 1, chances are you can hit multiple levels and most of the time beat them pretty easily. The levels are quite similar and they add some nice bonuses or challenges along the way. Your goal is to reach the end, but while exploring you’ll find so much fun stuff to do. My suggestion is to go with level 1 because the rest of it is pretty hard. Nice Game Super Bomber-man Crosshair Edition for iPhone, iPad, and Android Device

If you have an older iPad and iPhone this is a great choice for you to try Super Bomber-man for the first time. Also, I have one warning for you guys: if you have to swipe back and forth a lot, it will sometimes cause the game to freeze.

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