showbox for iphone

showbox for iphone

Showbox for iPhone is boring, we always need something. Wouldn’t it be great if we found an app that can play videos, play movies and view cached TV series or live shows? When we consider many of these entertainment options in one device, we are considering the subscription fee.

However, you don’t have to worry because Showbox offers all of these features and doesn’t charge a subscription fee. You can even save movies offline without having to spend quality time in action, excitement, horror, and other types of movies. The good news is not over because it allows you to start streaming the video without having to fill out the registration form.

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Download Showbox for iPhone and iPad

IPhone and iPad are the most popular devices from Apple Inc. They are also very popular all over the world. Unfortunately, you can’t find Showbox in the Apple App Store. Don’t worry, because I’m hiding the secret of using Showbox directly on iPhone and iPad.

Showbox doesn’t work on iPhone because it’s an Android app and only works on Android devices. However, you can download another version of Showbox called MovieBox on an Apple device. Similar to Showbox, it lets you enjoy all the facilities that Showbox has to offer.

Steps to download Showbox for iPhone without jailbreak:


Method 1: Moviebox as Showbox | The proposed method

Showbox is not available for iOS users. A similar app called MovieBox is a show of Showbox because it has similar functionality to the original app. To install a movie box on your iPhone, follow these steps.

Scan the QR code below to download the Ames 4U app directly, in which case, if you cannot scan, you can use the download button below.


Just click “Allow” and a popup window will appear (please see the image below)



Now just click install in the upper right corner.


Now open the Emus4u app and search for the movie box


After downloading the movie box, you need to make a few small tweaks to make it work! Go to “Settings”> “Manage Personal Files & Devices”> “Shanghai” (click on the popup window, then click “Trust”)


Now you can easily use the Movie Box app!

Method 2:

VShare is an app that allows you to download applications for different systems. Download and install an invalid version of vShare from any browser. After installation, locate the app in the movie box and download it. After downloading, a dialog will pop up asking your permission before installing the app. Do the work you need and start enjoying benefits like movie downloads and video streaming.

The third way:

If you cannot install Showbox by the above two methods, you will have no choice but to download the emulator using Android. Android Emulator is an app that builds the Android system on any iOS or Mac device. To install Showbox on an iPhone or iPad, you can download an iOS emulator and then use it to access Showbox. However, it is hard to find the IOS emulator, and even if it does, its resources and reliability are very low.


The Movie Box is an ideal alternative to Showbox in a number of ways, especially when owning Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Even this app looks, feels and works like a shoebox, perfect for everyone.

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