Real Bike Racing: The Sport You Can’t Resist

The First Take – This is no normal racing game. The First Take takes you behind the scenes to capture the intensity and drama of one of the world’s fastest and most adrenaline-filled sports. You’ll see, hear and feel the sounds of racing action in the dirt and the wind of the track as you choose a great bike and enter the race arena. Go through multiple control settings like manual and gear shifting to customize your bike’s performance and manage your bike’s HP, horsepower and pit speed. Choose Your Bike – An incredible variety of motorbike brands will come out in this game. Start with the best motorcycle in the game and enter the “Next Season” mode to continue to earn more coins and improve your bike.

The Bike Racing

You can live a better life by becoming a racing champion in the real world. This is a new life full of extraordinary racing performances. Join the motorsport world with countless things to experience. If you want to take the wheel of the best bikes in the world, the motorcycle racing world is the best place to live. Start your adventure and enjoy the ride. Get ready for some premium content, amazing graphics, stunning animations, great physics and exciting gameplay. Racing mechanics Dedicated to the real motorcycle racing world, the bikes are designed with real physics, mass and forces. They make driving difficult but amazing and dangerous. A vehicle’s resistance is linked with the surroundings so you will have to adjust to the situation, just like in real racing. Easily the best game on Google Play with high-resolution graphics and colorful animations. If you feel like to ride a super bike on the most amazing track in the world, then please try Real Bike Racing on your Android device.

Game Features

Start the engine, turn on the gas and feel the joy of handling the 200 HP beast. Go to the bumper and go to the bumper with the best riders to win the world championship. Now get ready for the adrenaline-inspired race action and ride your way to victory on the fastest track.

Maximize your speed to win the race on the track and leave your opponents in the dust. Go to the bumper and go to the bumper with the best riders to win the world championship. Take the wheel of 10+ unique motorcycle types Combine motorbikes from 8 types: Motard, Moto-X, Supermoto, Supersport, Superbike, Sportsman, Two-Wheeled, Street Rod and Trike. Real-life lap timer Track manager: edit the position and accelerate and decelerate of the player Track Tolerance: Only choose the parameters that you are used to ride! Save your favorite custom set Create new tracks and invite your friends to play Check the official Red Bull Bike Series’ website for further details.

Introduction to Real Bike Racing

You are ready for a ride, but don’t be thrown when the ride starts. Actually, it’s going to be a super thrilling ride! This game will be a compilation of more than 50 real motorcycle races. This game is presented by REAL in the format of a hyper-realistic simulation. On the occasion of VR Day, the game is a great game for you to enjoy when you are on your way to work or when you get bored on the metro. The ROM players get the opportunity to enjoy 10+ real life bikes with built in sound effects and auto mods to make your racing journey enjoyable. Racing action was launched with 9 different types of bikes and each one has its own advantage. You will not be able to miss any second of your ride!

What you need before the race

Please use a reliable VR headset such as Google Cardboard to experience the race as real as possible. This game is not endorsed or licensed by any company or organization.

Section 5. The Controls

1. (The button on the keyboard) Left Click -> Left Trigger, R1/R2 -> Right Trigger, L1/L2 -> G-Shift 2. (The button on the mouse) Spacebar -> Arrow keys Left Arrow -> Up-> Down Left Shift -> Right -> Left Left Mouse -> Right Mouse 3. (The button on the controller) R1/R2 -> L1/L2 -> Numpad 1/2 Shifts – Upper Left -> Lower Left -> Lower Right -> Lower Right G-Shift – Left Right -> Left Left Left Press Down on the controller (go to launchpad, hold to play) G – G-Pad -> Right Right Pad -> A/B/C/D/E/F/G 4.

The Points System

Check out our latest review of REAL Bike Racing: VR Showdown! We are still finalizing some features and settings which will become available at a later stage. Stay tuned and get excited to try REAL Bike Racing VR Showdown! We hope to bring you a very special VR experience with lots of cool new features. Stay tuned and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates about REAL Bike Racing: VR Showdown!

How to play

Create your original character Create the gear handle on the back and the handle on the front of the bike Select the position of the handlebars Select the gear lever Select the brake pedal Select the clutch pedal Switch between the available gears Slide the throttle up and down Select the safety brake Hide the vehicle from the opponent Take a corner by pressing left or right.

VR mode for VR users

– Personalize your custom bike. Wear it on the track! – Relive the famous MotoGP 1-2-3 victories in VR – Realistic crash physics and damage effects that can be achieved in real-life races – Stay connected with FPV cameras. Get the whole panoramic view of the race course – Multiple tracks, rider profiles, championships, legends, different cars, bikes etc. – Play with friends and Race the league. • Сrush-Bike-racing-game (RP) is based on a unique racing game engine – which features realistic graphics, engine sound, and tracks made of light-reactive plastic. • Поэтому ВОСАТАМОМЕНСАТЕВПОТЕВ РЕСИИЯ ВОСАТЕВПОТЕВ РЕСИИЯ РЕСИИЯ is the first virtual reality game made in Belarus. • It’s your chance to become an international racing champion!


Motorbike simulator races are also available and this new game presents them. So, all drivers will experience an alternative experience with you at all time. Of course, if you like realistic gaming, this game is going to be at your disposal for a long time. The best in terms of racing physics, realistic 3D graphics and realistic engine sounds will definitely make you ride faster than the others. Get into the seat and ride your way to victory. The more you will enjoy the more you will become addicted to the game.

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