PUBG MOBILE Games PLAYER UNKNOWN games are designed for mobile devices. Play Pubg for free anytime, anywhere providing very powerful multiplayer action on mobile devices. Investment, processing and competition.

Avoid the classic 100-player campaign, payload mode, 4v4 team death speed and zombie modes. Survival is the key, and ultimate success is the situation. Shoot at your own pace when needed!

Joyce Gold Awards game prize
Great game, favorite game, very competitive game. Google Play Award 2018

Free mobile on PUBG

Support anytime, anywhere with high-quality console games. Provides HD graphics and 3D sound. With dedicated mobile controls, training methods and voice chat. Experience the simplest controls and handling realistic ballistic weapons on mobile devices.

Map of the mass battle

From Aranjal to Miramar, from Wakindi to Sinhak, to cities, cities, places, frozen tundra, dense forests, different terrain, sizes, regions, day / night courses and dynamic weather, competing in various places. A winning strategic approach.

Depth and diversity

From classic player mode with 100 players, mysterious net load mode to lightning bolt games and 4v4 team death forms, and intense zombie mode. Everyone has something! Everyone has something.

Solo, pairing and formation of 4 players. Use weapons with confidence! Become a lone wolf soldier or play with a tribe and answer calls when you need help! FPS (first-person shooting) games and TPS (third-person shooting) games provide a range of realistic vehicles and weapons for different areas of the game. Find your perfect trip and shrapnel to travel to the last lap!

It was growing

Daily events and challenges, as well as monthly updates, provide new game features and practices to keep PUBG MOBILE games running. Strong and dangerous scams followed by everyone ensure that the rules for a fair and balanced gaming environment are followed.

  • Requires a stable internet connection.
  • Pub Mobile recommends system requirements: Android 5.1.1 or higher, at least 2 GB of memory. Use Pub
  • Mobile Light with other devices

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