Pokemon Go Apk

Pokemon Go Apk

Pokemon Go apk Download  for Android games for free: this is the title of Nintendo Developers – the orbit that combines the original magic of these classic Nintendo games with the best ideas of previous versions.

The end result: if you really want to be a real Pokemon trainer, you will need to leave and adventure.

Until then, any English-speaking user will immediately know what to do and will immediately understand what the original intention is behind Pokemon Go. Those who have not studied English will not face many problems. Basically, the game turns your city into a great video game scene.

Where you have to interact. Thanks to GPS on Android, you can upload your avatar into the game, so you have to go outside to capture it.

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Are You Near A Beach Or Stream?

Pokemon find the water particularly good, especially in these areas. Do you need to collect vegetable bushes? Maybe it’s time for a picnic. Again, as long as you stop stabbing, this is usually the case.

Located in interesting places like museums, art galleries and historical monuments, you can find new items. Here you can also buy stock and stock balls again before competing with your competitors.

Pokemon is a great role-playing explorer on Android. In all, this is very good. This game is comprehensive with nice interface and great graphics. But most importantly, it has the power to discover it.

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New Change To The Latest Version Of For Android.Fixed bug that defeated Pokemon at 1Hp. Now those will return like fainting, and we try to balance the training battle and stay steady.

Small boot repair

As a new generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Go is currently in a closed beta stage and may finally be available in Google Play stores in some countries later this month. It’s too late, don’t mind downloading the latest version from Apkpureapps.com at any time.

With Pokemon Go, fans can use cameras on Android devices to find the world.

Actual location information to find, capture, trade and fight. you will use. When you meet Pokemon Go virtual reality, you are ready to experience an amazing journey today! He added.



Pokemon can be downloaded and played for free, but Pokemon can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set password protection for purchased items in the Google Play Store app launcher settings (Ao and Az).

You can play games on your smartphone, Android 4.4 or above (not Android N). An internet connection is also required, so GPS must be enabled every time you try to capture the surrounding Pokemon.

Pokemon latest updates:


Trainer – We need your help! Team Go Rocket is attacking the world of Pokemon Go!

Here’s What You Can Expect In This Release:

  • New challenge: G Battle Rocket Team in battle
  • Shadow Pokemon, control the mysterious Shadow Pokemon team, leave the missiles
  • behind! Is there any way to help this Pokemon?
  • New assessment tool: You can now learn more when diagnosing Pokemon.
  • Battle Moneygames: A new attack game has been added to the shipping attack game.
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