Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth Upcoming is an additional realistic sandbox game developed by Mojang and released by Xbox Game Studios. Derived from the Mine Craft video game, first released in May 2019, it will be available on Android, iOS and iPad devices. The game was released in early October 2019.


Like Minecraft, Minecraft is about building buildings, collecting resources, crafts and exploration. The game uses “Bedrock” game engines, such as Gear VR version for Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Fire OS, Fire TV, and Minecraft.

In ‘Blood Mode’, players can collaborate with other players to create other realistic structures on the ‘Blood Board’ and then find the full size structure with the help of ‘Play Mode’. In blood mode and on mode, blood plates are printed in the real world using augmented reality and a built-in phone camera.

Players can pool resources by sending “bars” to the game map and completing “adventures”, which can be a virtual place full of puzzles, specific missions, or defeats of dissatisfaction. Focus on physical things like trees and lakes, so there are fewer events and interruptions in AR simulations.

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Minecraft Download ios There are many different types of sports celebrities on iPads, which are called “crowds”, which are special variables for crowds in Minecraft. For example, the Clay Pig group has different forms of “pigs” and behaves similarly to a visual design.

There are two types of coins in the game: “Ruby” and “Human Body Model”. “Rubies” can be acquired through the game, can also be purchased for real money, and can also be used to purchase items that influence gameplay, such as “blood.”

“Human models” can only be purchased at real prices and used to purchase cosmetics like “skin” to customize the game’s avatar. There is also a “Human Body Model” in the “Bedrock” version of the Mini Craft, which is compatible between the two games.


Minecraft Earth uses information obtained from open street maps to map information and build its enhanced capabilities based on Microsoft Azure. The game is free to play and supports Android and iOS smartphones.

During Microsoft Blood 2015, the Microsoft HoloLens team introduced an enhanced, realistic version of Minecraft. On May 8, 2019, a teaser trailer featuring Slime Pig was released. On May 17, the tenth anniversary of Minecraft, minicraft Earth was officially announced.

Microsoft has created a website for players to sign up for the closed beta, this version was released in mid-2019, and Microsoft plans to gradually launch the game. Multiplayer gaming premiered at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2019.

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Discover the new dimensions of Minecraft when creating, discovering and living in the real world. Join a group of builders and explorers on Earth, collect your creativity and resources in augmented reality, and bring them to life. You can even collaborate with other teams on small adventures.

Tablets create stunning pieces in desktop mode and make them the same size as the real world.
Meet with other architects to create sectarian masterpieces.
Find a brand new trend in a neighborhood near you and watch it change over time.
Find unique crowds, like unique Slime Pig and McMoll, and use them to fill buildings!


Various bug fixes
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Category: Free Adventure GAME
Latest Version:2019.11

Publish Date:2019-11-17

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  • Requirements: Android 8.0+
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