Love Balls

Love Balls

Love Balls is an online game, 83.95% of 10540 players are this game. Can anyone help these hands instead of feet? It’s time to use your mind and find a way to hit the ball.

Is this you use your smart thinking and rich imagination to embrace Ios and Android downloads.

The only device is a magic pen that you can use to draw a real path directing the blue ball to move her lover to touch the pink ball. Finding a way to love is difficult and dangerous. Are you ready to see the miracle?

Of course, to do that, you’ll need to use all the problem-solving skills with a hard pencil.

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How to play love balls? In each simple game, you will find two balls that love each other but are separated by any obstacle. To reassemble it, you need to quickly draw a piece of paper falling to the ground and divide the ball in half.

Getting started is as easy as drawing a simple curve to reassemble the ball. But little by little, you will find that the level of difficulty increases significantly.

. At your fingertips, you’ll know that you need to think more and more to help the ball avoid obstacles like holes in the ground. The more you use the pencil, the more points you spend on each step.

This way, your primary goal (other than reassembling the ball) will be to use at least one end of your pen. Note: Triangles and elbows are your allies when performing tasks.

It is fun and original. This is a game that requires both skill and intelligence.

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More About The Hit Ios Game Is Now Available On Android Apk

Because of the simple gameplay, the love for mobile devices is the perfect game. It might not be as successful as on Android, but it appears to be faster. It is unclear whether this will reach the top of the Ios-driven chart, but we think it’s more like a short game:

We might forget it in a few months. Fortunately, nothing is absolute in life, so this simple little game can stay on top for a long time. Whether it’s always a good idea to find a slightly misunderstood game.

The principle is simple, just draw straight lines or shapes, you need your wisdom and imagination.

Once you know how to implement this game, you will definitely love this game!

Features :

  • Free To Play, Play Anywhere.
  • Suitable For All Ages.
  • Simple Rules But A Little Difficult To Clean The Surface, You Will Find It Addictive.
  • You Can Also Enjoy Collecting Pens.
  • Try To Get High Scores Now And Share Them With Your Friends!

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  • Category:

    Free Puzzle GAME

  • Latest Version:1.4.5
  • Publish Date:2019-08-02
  • Get it on:Get Love Balls on Google Play
  • Requirements: Android 4.1+

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