Galaxiga APK: A Super Fun Arcade Game For Kids

Classic Arcade Shooter 80s – Free Games is an excellent space shooting game that makes you feel like playing an old game. An old game with a new theme: Galaxy Attack puts you on fire with endless space shooting. You will face many evil enemies and you will face many striking warlords in galaxy battles. The ultimate hope of the Earth is in your hands, control a single spacecraft, and protect the Earth from alien cemeteries. High quality images are made for tablets and large screens. A beautiful Pixel painting reminiscent of old school games Very simple control that tutorial is not required

The Arcade Shooter 80s

Galaxiga APK: The open game engine for home owners to make their own retro games. Make your own games with Galaxy Attack: Galaxy Invasion Galaxy Attack APK: This is our wonderful and allergenic game that allows our players to practice their aiming skills without disrupting the outside world. Galaxy Invasion APK: This is our arcade shoot em up that features intense graphics, intense action, and intense atmosphere. Relax your brain and improve your game knowledge with those games on Switch and mobile! Galaxy Invasion APK: Stunning nostalgia arcade shooter Head to the store on this page for more info and links.

Galaxy Attack

Galaxy Attack is a game about space battles. You are a fighter, assigned to fight for the Earth. You must take on invading alien forces as part of the armada of the Earth. You will fight against many enemies to protect the Earth and the remaining human race. Cinematic cutscenes, intense soundtrack Fight on 7 different planets All designs are simple, yet elegant Can be played on any resolution, tablet or PC 80s Blaster: Super Action Action High quality images are made for tablets and large screens.

The Gameplay

Galaxy Attack is an arcade game with high-quality graphics, sound and interface. A highly enjoyable, addictive and addictive space shooter game. Galaxy Assault. Galaxy Consume. Note: The game will require Microsoft Internet Explorer, unless you install other web browsers. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, download this here: Download Browser Installer Note: If you’re looking for a version that will play on iPhones, iPad, Android devices, etc. you will have to download the Download Browser Installer Song List The game will download 8 main songs with two bonus ones: Character Names Song name Singing Character name Song name Singing Character name Galaxy Assault. F.M.P.A.S.G.O.


Game stills Retro 8-bit music from Tony Will Full HD (1920×1080) HiRes graphics Free development software, SDK and editing tools Editing tools Galaxiga is a Classic arcade shooter, with numerous controls, and a very simple graphics-image style. Arcade Shooter Galaxiga – Dual-stick shooter – Galaxy Attack – Be aware of your surroundings! – 20+ levels of complex gameplay. – Lovely pixel art Galaxiga is available as a free download.


Start button: (L1, R1) : Initial entry point of the game. The game begins on the left side of the screen. Initial entry point of the game. Select button : (X, Y) : The two buttons you use to fire. : (X, Y) : The two buttons you use to fire. Shoot button: (X, Y, Square) : Fire your weapon to attack. : (X, Y, Square) : Fire your weapon to attack. Select button : (A, B) : Increase or decrease the power of your attacks, as needed. : (A, B) : Increase or decrease the power of your attacks, as needed. Enter button: (Spacebar, R1) : Jump your ship and create a little flight line. This button is the only button used after a while. : (Spacebar, R1) : Jump your ship and create a little flight line.


Compatible with ios8, and ipad versions Stunning 80’s style graphics 32 levels to play 8 different types of aliens and bosses Timing attacks and classic arcade As an added bonus, DownloadGalaxiga APK is tested to run on mobile versions of iOS 7.0 and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). This means that Galaxy Attack will run great on a wide range of mobile devices, including the iPhone 4S. Compatibility Note: All images and music in Galaxy Attack APK have been digitally remastered, and are free of known viruses, adware, and spyware. We suggest you download the APK instead of the free app. To play this game, make sure you’re connected to the Internet and that your device is currently updated to the latest version of iOS or Android. 1,000+ Votes – Most voted Game 18.

Score And Medals

A unique retro experience to get a new high score Not only award points, but also get medals to increase your score A Survival Mode Competitive Multiplayer Great atmosphere that matches the game: which are the control buttons of your ship? Another kind of presentation: a simple presentation and icons helps you to quickly understand the game. Only 3 levels: 1 Main Map, 1 Nightmare Map and 1 Practice Map If you want to change your screens, you can select which you want to play. Game In Progress: Additional Content Cinematic Mode Arcade Mode Arcade Multiplayer Text-Based Mode Simulator Mode Arcade Multiplayer Additional Game Play Videos Arcade Mode Not really the space shooter you are expecting.

Points and upgrades

A lot of variety to play and enjoy The spiral galaxy shape reminds us the Bevel Grinder graphics in Atari’s games The latest version of the game is about to be released, if you’re a teenager, you will be able to have fun with this free retro-style game.


These games are not perfect and with many bugs to be found, but they are top quality for a series they’re new. It is worth to make a list of apps like this that will keep your kids safe and happy. Galaxiga Official Pack Free APK version of the original Galaxiga which you can give to your kids as a gift. Very few reviews so far but there is some potential in this game. There is also a paid version that makes you unlock all the ships and moons but there is no GZDoom support for this version. Galaxiga II APK This is an updated version of Galaxiga with GZDoom. It’s available for free with Ads (it doesn’t do Ad-Free) and it’s free-to-play. A challenging retro arcade shooter that looks good and is a lot of fun.

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