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Download Coin Master Game

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connection error

Connection errors seem random. Even if the Internet connection is good, there may be other applications or services that interfere with the connection to the game. We recommend total closure (removal from recent apps) and restarting the game. If the problem persists, uninstalling and uninstalling the game can also solve the problem. Follow the general troubleshooting guide for more detailed instructions.

If the game is still not working after following the troubleshooting guide steps, please contact our support team by pressing the “Contact us” button below.

Please help your team email answers to these questions.

After the update – when does this issue start?
Does this happen when the game is loaded or in-game?
Did this happen during a raid, attack or any other operation?
Does it happen regularly?
If possible, attach a screenshot or video.

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Download Coin Master Game

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