Call of Duty: The Most Dangerous Game


The player spawn options were adjusted for better visibility. Players will now spawn closer to the objective.


The following changes were made to the map:

  • P1: Added score streaks.
  • P2: Added a new location called “Tomb of the Spider Queen” that contains several spider spawn points.
  • P3: Added score streaks.
  • P4: Added a new location called “Black Market.”


The new Ranks and Spectator Mode: Tournament was announced. The number of attendees has been announced:

  • – 20 countries
  • – 20 stages
  • – 1 semi-final and 1 final tournament

The rules are:

  • Tournament starts at 10am PDT
  • Online slots is limited to one per player.
  • You can use Battle Pass rewards.

The total prize pool is $11,300 and you can start fighting for that money from 10AM PDT on May 8th.

New Battle Pass Season

You have received an early Christmas present. Battle Pass Season 8 brings with it four character skin rewards, a cool new loot box, a couple of weapons, and much more. Get started by opening your first skin skin reward: Vehicle X-4

  • 4 skins from 4 additional heroes
  • 1 skin from 2 of 12 rare zombies
  • 4 specialty skins.
  • 12 legendary credits

Keep your eye on for more information as the launch approaches.

  • – The Call of Duty

The Division

  • The Division 4.0

We are excited to bring The Division 3.2 to everyone in the game’s release patch, which begins rolling out on December 12. A major addition is the liberation of three previously-locked N3-A drugs, which provide XP bonuses, custom weapon stats, and more.

The new BR map: Blackout

The first of four highly-anticipated new maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies is available now. A map known as “Blackout” will introduce vehicular gameplay and a large selection of weapons. The map will also introduce a new mode dubbed, “Battle Royale,” which will feature a massive four player team, one of the largest playlists in the game and the largest Zombies map in the franchise. This new mode will also allow players to bring an arsenal of weapons to the battlefield.

The first set of the 4 Character items are now available. The “Blood of the Dead” title will unlock new cosmetic rewards. Lastly, with the upcoming addition of cross play with Windows 10 PCs, console players will be able to transfer multiplayer progress between PC and PS4.

The Renewal of the new BR Health System

We’re changing the Medical system to give players better control over their primary health and repair a lot of the bugs that kept players from healing properly.

Please note that following the rebalance, there will be a lot of better healing options for players in-game and the amount of consumables you can carry will also be increased. You can find more details on the scoreboard.

Overwatch + Heroes of the Storm combined balance adjustment

Hero Balance

Developer Comments: Going through both games, we took a look at their core mechanics. During the balance testing, we made several changes to both Hero teams as well as individual heroes. We are also thinking about putting the two games on a more equal footing. Thanks for your feedback.

Advanced MP Map Correction: Crash

One of the most common bugs players face when running around the map has been corrected, which should greatly improve the user experience.

  • Advanced MP Map Correction: Lightfoot
  • Lightfoot has received a significant amount of adjustments, improvements and fixes.
  • Improved map flow, performance, and visuals
  • Fixed various rendering issues
  • Bugs, performance issues, and visual issues on light feet have been ironed out.
  • During the loading screen, the update appears to be very fast and smooth.
  • The update now seems to be working better than it did before the patch.
  • The update brings a new weapon to the game – the Blackout-branded M249 SAW.

New MP Score Streak: Lightning Strike

  • Accuracy has been increased
  • Leader board leader boards
  • Grandmaster Rank Leader boards

Update 1.2 will be available on the PTR before the end of the day. With the detailed patch notes and server-side changes, we’ll surely keep you up to date with the latest Black Ops 4: Zombies news.

New Position Series: Grandmaster

The ideal environment for focus training; A well designed map environment is a must when going to the gym. This new map will be great for the cardio exercise. The top screen will show your current health percentage and the bottom screen will display the next location where you have to collect the ribbon.

We have added new animation when using grenades. The delay of the grenade animation is now a lot smaller.

Performance Improvements:

  • The first three (3) platform models have received visual polish.
  • The first player model has received visual polish.
  • The player status bar can now be moved vertically in the top screen.
  • The legendary drop effects are now aligned on the gun instead of the user.

New Weapons

Balls in the air for fans this holiday season. I don’t play Call of Duty, however this has me happy. Along with all these new updates comes a new store offering gear to celebrate. There are new cosmetic items that will be coming out for free through the winter. They are:

Blood of the Desert

Take control of the battle-worn land. Bloody sand makes for a muddy landing on your conquest fields.

Camel Rider

With the mighty hump, your ride, & ammunition, camel riders can tear down even the strongest defenses.

Armored Attacker

Don’t be caught without the required firepower to take out the competition. Double ammo means more bang for your buck. I am not sure how we will play with these armor upgrades, because they are a bit beefy.


New character with Master Rank Icon:

After the Siege, he helped thousands of people escape the capital, joining in the attack on the Winter Palace as they pushed back the Orcs. Striding out of the Winter Palace, he could only grieve over the countless lives lost in the battle.


Burning and brilliant, R9-0 will allow for the domination of the new Armor Class system, and with proper mobility, it will allow him to out-maneuver the enemy.

  • New skin
  • Blackheart

I like to imagine you got this piece of black fur from a vulture. Then again, I’m not quite sure. I only know you wear it. You know who else wore it?

Season 8 Achievement

Finish an assassination without firing a single shot.

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