Bike Stunt Race 3d Bike Racing: Top 5 Tips To Win

Witness the experience of cycling with our games. Join the armies of millions of users who love to imitate cycling games and who want to become cyclists with ‘Bike Stunt Tricks Master’. Compete with them in multiplayer bike racing mode. Compete in multiplayer mode and become a professional cycling champion.The stunt bike game is available with advanced bikes and crazy riders. Do the best in our game and be a pioneer in racing games. In popular user search, our stunt bike game now comes with local languages.

Make bike adventure come alive with real bike racing situations and unique challenging tracks with realistic environment in our games.


This stunt bike racing game is an awesome way to discover stunt biking game. You must succeed at the bike stunt tricks master race and go up the ranks to become the greatest daredevil cyclist.

The stunt bike racing games and your bike stunt stunt tricks master experience a ride of a lifetime! Travel the countries on exotic bicycles and discover fresh adventures in your local road environment. Complete your stunts and face your friends in the ultimate championship to win the biggest prize money.

The Controls

The control of bike stunts are very simple. You can use the right thumbstick to steer, the left thumbstick to change a gear, and the D-pad to the brake and accelerator. The left thumbstick and directional pad are used to zoom.


Composer .form is a real digital artist who makes music to cycle stunt games. He plays with violin, drums and guitar to compose different music tracks to cycle stunt games.

Discover new stunts with all types of bikes, watch them in action and try it on yourself. Unlock pedal power bike, better zoom, more awesome stunts and more stunts with hardcore bike racing and awesome bike stunts. You will enjoy our games because it is awesome with a unique stunt bike race in our game. You need to hold the right thumb to make the camera angle zoom in or out.

The Points System

The amount of points in each race depends on the racers’ position, and the amount of kph that the racer reaches. The more that you make them jump, the more points you earn. The higher the position, the more points you gain, the more difficult it is to gain points, and the more chances of getting a zero for your racer level.

The points table and games are available in the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Slovenian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Arabic.

100% Free Racing Game

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a champion? Become the fastest rider in the world.

Tips and Tricks

Your aim of the game is to help you to pass your level with more points. The main aim of the game is to upgrade your biking skills and become a professional biking athlete. To make your best points, follow the tips and tricks of your motorcycle stunt master. All actions and riding methods are available in our game. You can get 50,000 points by doing a stunt. You can get more points by racing with your friend. You can collect as many points as possible in our bike stunt game.

How to Upgrade your Bike


Go to Bicycle Helmet Shop and upgrade your bike helmet with the needful products to become the best cyclist.

Bike Helmet Upgrade:

There is a list of Helment

  • Carbon Fiber Stunt Bike Helmet
  • Carbon Fiber Brain Bike Helmet
  • Low Profile Bike Helmet Helmet
  • Stylish Bike Helmet
  • Advanced Bicycle Helmet

Bike Helmet Shop:

There is no point in upgrading your helmet if the helmet won’t fit correctly. If the helmet doesn’t fit, it may cause trouble to the cyclist. For that reason, you need to visit our helmet shop. You can get suitable helmet and make it fit nicely.

Do the Best in Bike Stunt Tricks Master. Get your unique stunt bike and try to hit a target with different types of stunts in the game. In the adventure mode, try to stay alive for a longer time and score the maximum points to win the game.

Cost of the game

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7/5 stars – The reality of these games are in the ability to use your own bike, while participating in the game. The locations are realistic. I love the detailed traffic and are still enjoyable in this game. Brought you a game that you can enjoy when you travel with your family to exotic locations. For a true thrill, get the latest video games in the Play Store. I also love the idea of doing tricks while riding your bike. The level of realism is impressive.

Another great game… I want to climb the hill all the time on Bike Stunt Tricks Master! Some new tricks are coming in to this game. It’s amazing to see that Bike Stunt Tricks Master is the game which you can do the bike stunts on your own real bike with various bikes to race, do jumps, boost and other tricks.


Bike stunt tricks master game has a unique online game where you can start game offline mode to play with your friends, family and co-workers.

More Levels

The game is available with 5 different levels:

  • Park
  • Supercross
  • Supercross super road
  • Giant ripper
  • Whirlwind
  • New Map

Showcase this in our game. We have new new bike stunt tricks masters map for game which now provides you with a spectacular view of Southern California’s extreme high mountains, not to mention all the difficulty of racing in this tough location.

To get more experience, more bikes and bike stunts, challenge your friends on the challenge games, win the best player awards. Bike stunt tricks master game is available in two languages.

Different Bikes

Compete with more than 30 different realistic bikes for a chance to win rare exclusive bikes in our stunt stunt bike games. Top of the line bikes will give you the edge over other players to win the bike racing championship and become a bike stunt master. Get the new bikes for a thrilling bike racing challenge. Top the rankings and achieve a series of three stunt bike stunts as quickly as possible. Show the world your skills.


Compete with players across the world. When you set up the racing champion in our race bike racing, make the tracks as fast as you can and win the race in real bike racing adventure.

Fun and Challenging Race Tracks

When it comes to racing, the track matters more than the bike.

bike racing in our Bike game refused to be combined with realistic controls. It’s like riding your real stunt bike. We introduced a garage for our bike racing game. Park your bike collection and transform it into your own garage. Bicycle racing is no longer boring for the garage all for you in racing games. Customize your bike in free games with your choice of paint and parts. Cycling is now more fun in this stunt game.

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