Google Play Console

What is the Google Play Developer Console?

The Google Play Developer Console is a platform for Google Play and Android developers to publish, and the ASO team is particularly interested in monitoring the performance of their applications in the Google Play store. The platform is possible: “Use the Google Play Management Center to publish your apps and games, and grow your business on Google Play.

It’s important to use a functional console that can help you improve the quality of your apps, motivate your audience, and generate revenue.

Why the Google Play Developer Console is Important

The Play Console helps developers and marketers better understand the performance of their applications in terms of growth, technical characteristics (such as crashes or display issues), and financial performance.

Providing detailed analysis of supporting applications and obtaining reports can help development People/marketers find that the actual application platform is important because it gives developers direct access to the data Ta (reliable information about the audience of the application obtained directly from Google Play), which shows the truth of the Highlight application and l Performance. The console allows you to track the coefficient NT conversion (CVR); displays the number of impressions received by the app list and the number of app installs received from various sources over time. The user obtains the report in the console from the source The angle of view shows the growth of the application and the data of user sources.(Google Play will show the source of user traffic, such as organic “traffic pageviews” or paid traffic from “third-party recommendations”). Access to comprehensive analysis can help you understand application performance from a growth perspective. However, data cannot be viewed at the active ad level, only at the source level (the science that associates users with their sources).

Therefore, there is a mobile measurement partner (MMP) to close the gap between the two.

The Play Developer Console and ASO

Google Play Console provide application developers and marketers with the most accurate way to track CVR and natural performance through data-driven analysis. Weather; the fact that the platform provides this data makes it an important tool for the ASO team. Industry experts know that this is the first time Google has considered this in all ranking and advertising decisions for your store.

The analysis can only show the number of users that have been installed and started, and cannot distinguish. If these users are taken into account, it is impossible to see that this number is the actual representation of the initial installation, that is, the initial installation of Google data is the most valuable to the ASO team.

To truly understand and improve CVR, it is important to know the exact number of first installations. In the end, the console platform provides the team with tools to monitor organic performance.

The ASO team needs statistics to increase impressions, installs, and track CVR. Only by analyzing them, the ASO team can identify areas in the application list that need attention or improvement, show where the application performs well, repeat these elements and place them elsewhere on the product page.

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