RedBox TV app

RedBox TV app

RedBox TV app provides built-in support for all popular media players. It supports Web Player MX player, 321 player and android player. However, we recommend that you use the XYZ player developed by our team.

Our busy and painful lives forced us to get away from TV, which sparked our interest in platforms where movies and shows can be watched easily. We are satisfied with the arrival of live TV. We believe that with the arrival of live TV, we have free and unlimited access to our favorite TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

This was the case until these platforms decided to adopt the paid services. Now, only ultra users can access the recently released live broadcast and movies. People then switched to free real-time apps, but they also left those apps when they realized they had stored more content temporarily than streaming media.

Redbox has become a gospel to these people because it’s the best live TV app on the channel.

What is Redbox TV APK APP?

This is a free real-time streaming app that provides free live streaming of sports and shows in SD and HD quality.

Free services and stable performance are the two main reasons for increasing the popularity of the app. The main purpose of the application is to provide free flow facilities to an increasing number of users.

The app does not require users to pay a premium for payment, but under the auspices of the company whose ads are shown on the screen.

I mean, users don’t need any temporary storage space for free access to various sports shows and events.

Easy To Use

Easy to use like any other TV. Just download the slider and tap the channel you want to play. You will be prompted to choose a player. If you do not want to install any external launcher, you can choose the built-in Android launcher. However, we recommend that you use the XYZ player

Complete Responsive

RedBox TV App is lightweight and responsive. It was developed using a minimalist approach. Your phone’s storage capacity will not exceed 30MB. Considering a large number of channels is a challenge for development.

Job report

We do our best to keep the information flow up to date and work properly. However, if any flows are found, they can be reported using the built-in reporting capabilities.

How do work Redbox TV?

RedBox is a live TV app that can be installed on your favorite device. This is a great way to watch all your favorite live TV channels for free! This app works along the lines of Live Net TV, which is the most popular live streaming option.

The following tutorial will show you how to install RedBox on Firestick or Fire TV. However, these steps can also be used on Android TV Box or other Android devices.

We refer to the app that downloads RedBox TV APK horizontally as a home. If you are using Android TV Box, NVIDIA SHIELD, Mi Box etc. you can follow this tutorial by installing Downloader on your device. Get this tutorial using the following link

RedBox TV app features

When I say Redbox is the best TV app, I mean completely. The app provides some great features that make it one of the most popular and used apps.

I want to mention a few features that attract viewers to download the app.

The application offers more than 1000 TV channels from 20 different countries and regions of the world.

1. These countries include India, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Spain, France and many other countries.
2. There are many entertainment channels for children from adults to adults.

3. There are many external players that support the player. If you do not wish to run the program on a specific player, you can switch to another player at any time.

You can run the application on media players (like MX Player, Web player, Lococast, XYZ, Android player, Yes Player, and XML player). You can also set the default client launcher.

4. If you have internet access, you can download and use this app in almost all regions of the world.

5. The app has excellent design and good user interface. The best part is that you do not need to register to use the app. All you have to do is download the application and select the desired application and its stream.

6. If you want to watch a specific channel frequently, you can add the channel to the favorites category. This way, you can access your favorite channels without having to browse all of the channel listings.

7. With the help of the user request feature, you can add new channels to the application.

8. You can choose a pre-defined player and set it automatically every time you launch the application.

9. You can choose from 22 entertainment categories.

10. Stream video clips without delay.

11. If you report a problem, developers can solve it quickly.

RedBox Firestick TV

Sometimes, all you have to do is watch TV on the sofa and enjoy your favorite snack on your lap.

Watching a movie on TV is always better than watching it on a small screen. Welcome to Firestick. REDBOX tries to provide users with high-quality videos that can be streamed on TV.

With cable operators charging high subscription fees from channels, the RedBox App Launcher has become an alternative to free live video. All you need is an internet connection, a smart TV and a fireplace.

  • Follow the steps below to watch the live broadcast with the help of RedBox Firestick.
  • Turn on the fire stick.
  • Go to the main screen and tap Settings.
  • Select the device and go to developer options.
  • Open the app from an unknown source and return to the main screen.
  • Type Downloader in the search bar in the top menu bar. You can now see
  • Download application with an orange icon.
  • Click Download app and go to browser menu.
  • The app will start downloading, and when you’re done, you’ll see the installation wizard. Click Install.

After the installation is complete, click “Open” to launch the application.


  • Category: free video player and app editor
  • The latest version: 1.2
  • Publish date: 2018-08-29
  • On it: Redbox
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+

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