GBWhatsapp APK

GBWhatsapp APK

GBWhatsApp APK is the best app to modify the original WhatsApp Messenger. Interestingly, you can use this modified version on your device without any restrictions. This will help you live with your friends more easily.

If you use this app, you can create multiple WhatsApp accounts and enjoy some great features. Most people use this app to access multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously.


Today, many people use WhatsApp to share videos, photos, audio, etc. If you want to use WhatsApp with some other features, GBWhatsapp APK can be used to download and install the device.

The developer has modified the official WhatsApp and added some interesting features, such as double clicking, changing the theme, setting the online status, using WhatsApp account, etc. Includes additional privacy, no cost to use this method.

Features of GBWhatsApp apk

  • Against prevention
  • No root access required
  • Unlimited stickers available
  • Check the history of messages from contacts and groups
  • Forward the message to anyone without naming the forward
  • The clip size is now 100MB maximum, and the video size is 50MB
  • If your friend changes his image, you will receive a notification
  • Just click on the status to copy anyone’s condition
  • Stop answering calls from specific contacts or groups
  • Send an SMS broadcast to the group
  • It can be locked without disturbing third-party software
  • You can change the notification icon and the application icon
  • The static chat limit has been raised to 30
App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Latest Version 9.1.0
Total Downloads 4,000,000+
App size 53.5 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated 1 day ago


  1. Android OS: 4.0.3 or higher
  2. Unlimited internet data is recommended
It requires an internet connection WIFI Connection is recommended
Location of the device Access to Gallery
Access to Contacts WIFI Connection is recommended
Device Identity External Storage Access

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

Many devices are used, but iPhone is the most common one. Thousands of people use this device, but don’t know how to download iOS files to their devices. If you are familiar with the download process, please continue to pay attention!

  • OL, go to the browser location on the device.
  • Click the button below to download the iOS file.
  • After downloading, open the file for installation.
  • Click the Install button to install.
  • The installation process will complete in a few seconds.
  • After installing Gbwhatsapp iOS, launch the app.
  • Log in to your WhatsApp account or create a new one.
  • Enjoy the application now

How to install GBWhatsApp APK?

If you want to install this app without losing your chat history, then you need to perform the following steps.

  • Enable “Unknown Source” option to configure the phone.
  • Download GB WhatsApp to your device now.
  • After downloading, open the AP file and click the install button.
  • After installation is complete, start the application and enter your number.
  • Wait a few minutes to verify the number.
  • If you want to backup your valuable data, click the “Restore” button.
  • Then set your name and profile picture for the application.

GBWhatsapp Terms And Condition

Through all the above mentioned steps, if you have installed GB WhatsApp, you can control your privacy options. It can manually specify whether you want to tell your phone what others are doing or online.

Many different privacy settings are listed below.

Dual (Status) connected
Settings settings
Microphone status
Status recording
write a message

GbWhatsapp 2019 New Features 

At this point, you will learn how to get to the APK. The next step will tell you that you want to know how to install the EP in your phone and fully operate it.

GBwhatsapp 2020 Download

If you want to download GBWhatsapp 2020 APK, latest version of Anti ban, please click on the link below. If it is already installed.

GBWhatsapp 2020 atualizado download

There are many WhatsApp modes available online, but the best support we can get is GB WhatsApp.

why? Only because of its popularity and excellent features. WhatsApp is always up to date, you can download it from their website, or you can bookmark it on our blog page and get the latest updates from GB WhatsApp. Isn’t this amazing?

The app developers regularly update it, so in the long run, you can use the app on your device without any hassle. Also, check out the great WhatsApp tips and tricks for Android

Whatsapp GB

Whatsapp GB EPAP: Hey! If you have an Android device. You may have installed WhatsApp on your Android device. As a popular messaging app, everyone should have WhatsApp installed on the device. Today, I will introduce GBW WhatsApp to you. Most users have heard about this app, but most people do not hear.

In today’s article, we are going to clear some Whatsapp GB features and how to install it on Android devices. You can enjoy the amazing status of WhatsApp on your Android device from below. Below we provide direct download link for Gb WhatsApp.

Backing up Information

Support can provide you with messages that matter to you, provide you with general comfort, and ensure that your conversations are safe. Additionally, someone can recover their files in two ways, which can help you maintain control.

GBWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version Installation

How to download the latest version of GBWhatsApp apk and use it for downloading on any Android device, please check the step-by-step tutorial below. Hidden last method, please check GB WhatsApp online connection status. So, from the link below, learn how to download and use the APK app GBWhats app. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to install GBWhats app. Be sure to check how to install without losing your chat history.


I hope you like the official WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp also offers the same official WhatsApp security plan. So, if you want to get more features, please install WhatsApp Plus APK on your device immediately. I hope you like this article.

If you can share this cool WhatsApp APK file with your friends, we would appreciate it. You can be sure this is one of the best apps with the latest features. You don’t need to deal with any security issues because it has the same license as the official GBWhatsApp APK.

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