16 Tips and Tricks for Subway Surfers: The Best Ways to Play

The controls are simple and straightforward. All you have to do is swipe where you are going and the game does something else. More often than not, the controls respond. With an endless runner game, good control is very important. Subway Surfers is a lot of fun. When you hit your old school, you feel happy. Gaining better skills means that your scores also improve. As a result, you always feel like you’re making progress. Customization can be achieved through gameplay or purchased via micro-transaction. In any case, it’s a great way to customize your favourite characters.

The Basics

If you think about it, Subway Surfers is basically an endless runner. There is no way around it. The game is slow paced and the controls are simple. The most appealing aspect of Subway Surfers is that you always feel like you are making progress. You can choose to be a professional skateboarder who works for Master design, which means you can work alongside your friends and earn money. The custom characters can also unlock additional items and bonuses. In addition, the game allows you to choose one of eight different home cities. City can be changed whenever you want. What you learn from the city that you play in will be helpful for the next one. If you are not happy with the city that you are playing in, you can always go to the next one.

The Controls

Whether you are playing on a mobile device or on your computer, you have to be careful. It’s very easy to get frustrated and stop trying to play. Luckily, there are simple and straightforward controls to enjoy Subway Surfers. Where you swipe is where you go. However, you can only move on the track you’re currently on. Swiping away will set you back to the beginning of the track. Also, tapping, swiping, and tapping on the screen all results in events that happen. So, what you want to do is tap every tile when you reach it. The tiles give you the additional ability to move up and down. You can’t tap on a button at the top of the screen, though. Subway Surfers is a very simple, enjoyable game.

Where To Go

The game has four different areas, each with a bunch of different missions. The four areas are Sub-City, Central Vale, Rustian Plains, and Red Forest. Red Forest is the most popular area in the game and it contains the most missions. It also contains five different types of terrain: Open, Ice, Grass, Forest, and Canyon. All of the terrain type’s missions are unlocked through the first three areas. Red Forest also contains the best characters in the game. Since it is the least developed area, it is the most challenging. Each area contains different types of mission and enemies. For instance, enemies in the Desert missions will be replaced by Dust in the Red Forest. Different types of mission type also require different characters, which makes the game more diverse.

Avoiding Obstacles

One of the features of subway surfers is the wonderful way of avoiding obstacles. You just have to touch the screen or swipe it. This is how you slow down your movement. This simple task is very difficult to master but the game tries its best to provide a challenge for you. Improved Camera Controls Another main feature of the game is the excellent camera control. The game consists of very many levels so you will need to get to know this level very well in order to keep yourself in a specific direction. That’s why the camera is very important. Reaching Your Goals We have already mentioned in the intro that there are a lot of levels. Therefore, the aim of the game is to complete all the levels and reach the level you are after.

Collecting Coins

Customization includes every aspect of Subway Surfers: skins, special events and hidden levels are just a few. You can even turn your favourite character into a sandwich. You will earn coins by running or jumping. You can spend your earned coins on everything the game has to offer: skins, new characters, gifts, pay-to-play levels, etc. Getting coins is the main objective of the game. This is the one that you should not be able to go over. Make sure you play for the coins you earn. At least once, you need to turn off your phone and enjoy Subway Surfers: The Game as a mindless, floating cloud. With the level of difficulty it has, you should be more careful about your skin and gifts.

Tips and Tricks

Beware of the timer, it never stops. Never take the shortcut. It might be too easy to beat this in a short amount of time, but there is a right time and place. Don’t drink caffeine. It’s very similar to energy drinks. You should try to go on a long trip, something like a day trip or an overnight trip. It’s really not possible to complete the game if you don’t have enough juice. Drink some water. If you want to have a longer session, grab a soda and a granola bar. Snot is bad for you, so wash your hands after playing. Use an Android tablet. You should always use the same app for each game. If you don’t use the same app, your score won’t get sync’ed. You can also use a tablet for the workout, but make sure that you only play in a semi-public space.

How to Earn More Coins

Before you start playing the game, you need to know that you must put in coins. You will get rewarded for playing the game. To earn coins, you need to get the many levels. For each level completed, you will get coins. The coins you get are a small quantity. The more you play the game, the more coins you will get. There are many ways to earn more coins: There is no limit on how many coins you can earn. There are a number of games you can play on a daily basis. Try new game modes, modes with better mechanics or player versus player. You also have to watch out for a certain mechanic in Subway Surfers. You will receive coins for your actions. Once you do, you can continue playing. However, if you fail to complete a level, you will not be rewarded.

Where To Spend Your Coins

Just like the previous ones, Subway Surfers has a micro transaction mode, where you can spend your money. If you don’t mind spending real money, you can purchase coins to customize your characters. Besides that, there are many items that are free to download, but only after you’ve paid the micro transaction. Download Subway Surfers for iOS or Android 17. Temple Run Temple Run is a classic, also appearing on the Apple’s App Store in 2010. The first three levels are already available on the App Store and the game is free to download. The extra levels are almost everywhere. If you want to play one more level, you can buy them for 99 cents. Temple Run is a classic for the iPhone. Controls are simple. You swipe the screen and that’s about it.

Better Scores

There is an infinite amount of ways to gain points in subway surfers. However, there are two sure-fire ways to get better scores: doing combos and rewards. Combos: You are given a limited amount of lives which can be purchased with coins. If you do well, you can earn more lives. Doing combos is like running a gauntlet to get more lives. Let’s look at what this means. If you are riding an elevator, you do a combination of swipes and dashes when you see an elevator. When it reaches the platform, you are able to do another combo. This is a fairly easy way to do combos. It doesn’t take that long, and there is nothing special about it. However, if you do a combo correctly, you can get extra lives. This means you have to do another combo for another life.


Super Epic Combo, a game studio, is the developer of Subway Surfers. They are well known for the cartoony graphics and the ease of control in their games. In fact, their games are not developed for hard core gaming people. Subway Surfers is a game with great gaming experience. In addition to the possibility of endless play, it is also the perfect game for those who like exploring and meeting new people. It’s good for the whole family. What’s next? RUINS! We are already hard at work on a new game, but we don’t want to rush into it. We need to do a great job before we release. Stay tuned for more details.

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